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Awaji beef tendon bolognese with natural yeast bread

Awaji Island Fried Pizza

Homemade fermented vegetable drink

稲田 敏博

稲田 敏博


Owner of "Hoshigaoka Noodle Factory", "Awajishima Burger Buns & Patties", and "Third Generation Tasaburo"

After working for a major foreign restaurant chain for over 20 years,

Involved in restaurant production.

Since 2014, he has been holding the "Inadakai Food Association" through social media.

Japan Food Partners was established in 2022.

He has worked on many restaurants in the Kansai region and has appeared in the media many times.

<Three famous restaurants that have become popular stars thanks to Awaji Island ingredients>

-- Mr. Inada, you are the president of Japan Food Partners, the owner of three restaurants: "Sandaime Tasaburo," "Hoshigaoka Noodle Factory," and "Awajishima Burger Buns & Patty." Please tell us about the characteristics and selling points of each restaurant.

First, there is "Sandaime Tasaburo," which opened at Awaji Chef Garden on March 15, 2024.

In Kyoto, there is a tea and Japanese sweets shop called "Kyoto Sandaime Tasaburo."

The restaurant employs a pastry chef who has worked at a French restaurant that has won Michelin stars for 11 consecutive years, and she is in charge of creating all of the desserts on the menu.

This time, only the shaved ice from that menu has been brought to Awaji Island.

When it comes to Awaji Island shaved ice, all ingredients used are from Awaji Island.

It's not just shaved ice that you want to eat because it's cold,

The concept is to let you enjoy the local flavors of Awaji Island.

The menu includes dishes using milk and yogurt from Awaji,

It will be made with plenty of fruit.

Fruits include the local specialty strawberries and lemons.

Depending on the season, peaches, grapes, figs, loquats, etc.

We want to convey a sense of the season through fruits.

By the way, in Kyoto, it is called matcha or kumquat.

Things are quite different around here.

However, the determining factor in the taste of shaved ice is still the ice.

How to store this ice and the angle at which to shave it,

The most important thing is the temperature of the ice when serving it.

In this regard, Kyoto and Awaji Island are no different.

It's a company secret, though.

I really want you to experience this secret for yourself.

--Please tell us if you have a favorite item.

My favorite is the

Shaved ice made with tough pea syrup and fresh lemon.

It starts out blue, but when you squeeze some lemon into it it turns purple.

We hope you will enjoy the change in color for yourself.

--Next, please tell us about Hoshigaoka Noodle Factory (Kishimen).

The basic principle for Kishimen noodles is to use ingredients from Awaji Island.

Lemon, Awaji beef, onion, etc.

The soup stock is made from kelp water extracted from Hokkaido kelp.

Then we blend in dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel, and dried horse mackerel.

The dashi stock and the sourness of the lemon go well together, making it refreshing.

It is especially easy to drink during the hot summer months.

The noodles are twice as thick as regular Kishimen noodles and half as thin.

This one also has a different feel down the throat.

Please give it a try.

--Next, let's talk about the "Awajishima Burger Buns & Patty" hamburger. I heard that you put a lot of effort into the buns. What was that about?

To prevent the juices from the patty from leaking into the bun,

The inside is coated with butter and honey.

This makes the filling fluffy and

This allows the surface to maintain the crispy texture of the bun.

Awaji beef patty wrapped in a crispy bun,

Sweet onion steak, crisp lettuce,

I believe that the balance between these two is exquisite.

--If you have any plans for new menu items in the future, please let us know.

A new menu item, the Lemon Burger, is planned for launch in late April.

Using fresh lemon slices from Awaji Island and sour cream sauce, the dish has a refreshing, sour taste.

This is a dish you can only get on Awaji Island.

The release date has yet to be decided,

We are considering collaborating our hamburgers with a sauce created by a chef at a Michelin-starred French restaurant in Kyoto.

Please look forward to this as well.

--Shaved ice, Kishimen noodles, and hamburgers.
Please tell us about the points that all three stores have in common.

I think the most important thing is that it's delicious.

Whether or not you think "I want to eat it again" is important.

This is my focus point.

Customers on Awaji Island:

Since most of them are tourists, they think, "This is something you can only eat on Awaji Island," "When you come to Awaji Island,

"What you can't eat without"

I hope you will try it.

(Prices shown include tax, as of April 2024)

-- The three stores "Third Generation Tasaburo", "Hoshigaoka Noodle Factory", and "Awajishima Burger Buns & Patty"

Mr. Inada, the representative of Japan Food Partners, who is the coordinator of the food service, explained the characteristics and sales of each product.

Please tell us about the points.

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