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Thank you for considering using Awaji Chef's Garden by Pasona for your group.

About reservation

Please check it before making an inquiry.

Q.Do I need to make a reservation for a group?

A.Yes, it is necessary.

*Limited to customers using the bus.

There is no need for personal use.

Please download the Awaji Chef Garden "reservation form", fill in the necessary information, and send it by e-mail. The final reception is one week before the arrival date.

Q.Can large buses be parked? Where can I park if I can?

For large buses, please use the temporary parking lot next to Toretore Market.

We are asking for your cooperation in forwarding your car to a temporary parking lot located about 5 minutes from our facility.
*Temporary parking lot②is the position ofPlease refer to here.

Q.Are you open on rainy days?

A. Yes, we are open as usual.

We are open for business as usual, except for inclement weather. Please check the Awaji Chef Garden official website for updates on the business status of the day.
In addition, since it is an outdoor facility, it will get wet in rainy weather, so we ask customers to prepare raincoats and umbrellas.
Awaji Chef Garden is an outdoor facility. Please note that there is no particular place where a large number of people can take shelter from the rain.

Q.Do you have rental wheelchairs?


We are very sorry, but Awaji Chef Garden does not rent wheelchairs. You need to make your own arrangements.

Q.Is it possible to reserve the whole house?

A.I'm sorry. We do not rent out.

"Reservation reception table"Please download

Please fill in the necessary information and send it by Awaji Chef's Garden by Pasona group inquiry email.
Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so during busy periods, we may not be able to accept your reservation depending on the date. Thank you for your understanding.
Reception hours: Weekdays 9:30-18:00
TEL: 080-8177-4501

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